Q: What kind of Lineage 2 server is Lin2Century?

Lin2Century is a L2J PvE / PvP based low rate Lineage 2 Server. From the low rates (4xp, 4 sp) over a balanced enchant system (safe 7, max 30) up to a higher adena rate (8) and drop and spoil rate (10) is all represented. So it's a good mixing that gives you a lot to do in matters of leveling your character but very convenient to farm all the kind of materials, recipes and so on. All the changes which were already made on our server can be found in our forum --> announcement --> changelog.

Q: What is your strategy as a Lineage 2 server?

Our strategy is to offer you a good place where you can play lineage 2 without any costs. We are a low rate server and that's exactly what we want. Indeed some things are perhaps hard to achieve but in the end it's just a matter of time. Because of that fact that you may need more time than on a highrate server to achieve the things you like we are trying to add as many features possible not only available in the high level section.

Furthermore we try to offer you as many features from L2J side available as possible. Especially if something is missing from official site we try to adapt alternative ways so that the flow of game is not stopped. We do not intend to create and offer you a copy of the retail servers.

Q: How long is this server already alive?

Lin2Century exists since September 2010.

Q: What makes this server special?

On one hand we have many features that were implemented by our staff. We have for example our event cat which sells you hair accessories, belts, shirt and more things, custom farming zones for elemental items, adapted spoils for all Enchant Armor and Weapon scrolls, adapted raid drops which make raids even more attractive.

On the other hand we have got staff members that already played several years lineage 2 themselves. That makes them more attracted to this game and gives them a better overview for problems, questions or server changes.

And lastly has our hardware a 1A quality which makes our server very stable.

Q: What do I have to do if I want to connect to your server?

It's really easy.

1) Install the correct version of Lineage 2 on your computer (Freya)

2) Put our IP into your host files

3) Download our system folder

Q: Do I have to pay to play on this server?

No you don't have to pay for this service. As I have mentioned before this is a Freeshard server. So it's free for you to play without any monthly costs. Lin2Century does not make any profit out of this project.

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