New PvP / PK event

A while ago a new NPC was introduced. He shows you the current ranking of your PvPs and PKs in game. He was kind of the preparation of what follows now.

The idea of this new concept is on one hand to promote PvP and on the other hand to offer you a new way to gain fame. On the basis of a predefined list, you will receive rewards depending on your count. At the same time a new item is introduced, the PvP/PK Coin. This is the only way to achieve these coins. You can later on exchange other rewards with it. Details will follow.


Lin2Marduk - 28.10.2019

Letter event REMASTERED

The letter event has been revised. In your favour! New rewards, higher chances and most important a new item system. Didn't understand all of it? Don't worry, here you can read it up all in detail.

Lin2Marduk - 03.07.2019
Login problems solved

Connecting to our server is really easy. Download the H5 client & the Lin2Century Launcher and start the game. Some Players have reportet that login into the game is not possibly due to a certain error. I just updated the Launcher in order to avoid this problem. When I tested this I had no error and I was able to connect to the server.

If you are a new Player, the Launcher will automatically make a full check. For all others make a full check!

Lin2Marduk - 21.06.2019
New NPCs


I am pleased to announce you, that LinIICentury has two new NPCs.

  • PvP/PvE statistic: This NPC shows you the updated ranking list for PvP and PK.
  • Luxury teleporter: A real all-rounder! He teleports not only you, but also your party and even your command channel to many awesome places within the game. It is all about convenience. All currently known teleports are not affected by this. They are still available and can be used. This NPC offers you a huge variety of teleports from every town. Of course, it is much more expensive than the regular teleports.
More details in our forum!

I hope you like the new NPCs and have fun with them :)

Lin2Marduk 10.05.2019

Discord server

Every once in a while players ask me about our Teamspeak 3 server which is anactive since a while. I want to offer you an alternative. Discord ist much more modern and combines normal chats and voice channels. Check it out, everyone is welcome!
Thank you Akagami for setting up the server for us.

Link to Discord server:

Lin2Marduk - 01.05.2019
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