Interrupt of the homepage

Lately our homepage was not accessible for a few days. This was due to a problem related to our DNS (nameserver). I was not informed that it was taken offline which caused a confusion. I had to look for another solution that I found. So this should not happen again.

But still I want to apologise for this inaccessibility of the last week! The server is of course still online  :)

20.01.2019 - Lin2Marduk
Merry Christmas

Itís time again for the contemplative time. You want to switch off, try to forget the hecticness, sitting at home in front of your computer and enjoying Lineage II :)

As in the previous years we have a Christmas Event going on our server.

Collect Christmas items from all monster within the game and exchange them for rewards at santa (new rewards available). Normal enchantscrolls can be exchanged in the luxury shop Giran to Ancient and Divine enchantscrolls. There will also be a lottery that I thought of. Maybe even other things as well.

The event will run until mid of january.

Have fun!

Lin2Marduk - 24.12.2018
New mod: DressMe

Hello together

Enjoying the good stats of your armor while having the appereance of another one? That is now possible with the DressMe mod. You can choose among several armors and costumes :)

You can glean the details about this mod here.

Lin2Marduk - 23.09.2018
New belts available!

To live up the ways of PvP and/or PvE, three more belts have been added to the server.

  • PvE Physical Attack
  • PvE Skill Attack
  • PvE Defense
So now there are PvP/PvE options for armors, weapons and belts.

Furthermore, Olf's T-Shirt enchant scrolls (normal and blessed) have been added to our ancient statue and can be acquired via Token of Love. The weight of the Claws of Black Dragon Piece Dragon was cut in half. That way you are no longer permanently overloaded.

Two other Project are already in Elaboration and will soon be live on the Server :). Even if it is just small things, there is always effort behind it to offer you an attractive server. You see something is always done by us.

As always the Details of the changes can be looked up here.

Lin2Marduk - 05.08.2018

Major Update completed


I am prosperous to announce you that the major update has been completed. Unfortunately it took much more time than I first believed. I do apologise for the long waiting time and thank you for your patience. Now I wish you a lot of fun with the new features!  8)

The details about all the changes can be learned here.

Lin2Marduk - 25.04.2018
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