Server rules

Please take your time to read the server rules. Ignorance is no excuse for a penalty. The rules can change any time but the staff will inform about changes in the server rules.

  1. Lin2Century is a PVE / PVP based server. Role play gaming is no rule, it's up to you.
  2. Respect all players on the server. It doesn't matter if old, young, male or female. Always try to speak politely with other like you wish they would speak with you.
  3. Avoid offensive language. If someone attacks others verbally, for example with insults, he will get penalties from the staff (If you can proof it with pictures)
  4. No racist, pornographic or other statements like this should be done in the all, trade and shout chat.
  5. The staff members are no police men. We do not have the time and the desire to scan the data base or to check the logs to control you. All is based in faith. If you abuse it, you will get penalties by the administration!
  6. Generally there is no rule for you character names. But it would be nice to see names which would fit with your class and with the server. Names just with figures or special signs (%, &, * etc.) are not allowed. Racist or pornographic names are not allowed. The staff will force the player to change the name or other wisely the staff will delete the character. If someone does this over and over again this would result in a server ban as this is a hard outrage of the server rules.

    --> Only staff member have the right to create characters with the name Lin2...

  7. Every cheating, botting or walking programs and autoenchant programs are absolutely forbidden and you will get hard penalties if you still do it!!

    Every one of you has read this rule and NO ONE can say they didn't knew it. Just be intelligent and don't do it.

  8. Bug using is not allowed. Please report all bugs in the forum so that we can solve them. If someone uses bugs the player will get penalties. If someone does it over and over again the penalty can be jail, time server bans or a permanent server ban.
  9. Fair trade is the main point of a functional market place.
  10. PVP and PK is allowed everywhere. But it's up to you to decrease your karma.
  11. It's not allowed to attack a raid group. (A single person running around to occupy a raid until his group arrives is no group...)
  12. Just English and German in the All, Shout and Trade chat.
  13. It's not allowed to make any publicity in game for other servers and will be punished with jail.
  14. The asking of a staff member for Adena, items or other stuff is forbidden.
  15. Everyone is responsible for his own items. The staff will not give you any lost items back. Unless it's a fault of the server that occurred many players.
  16. You will get jailed if you go afk in TVT, Ctf.
  17. All rules here belong to the written justice. But there is also the judge justice which is subject to the staff. Therefore habits, manners and other things belong to that. The highest instance is always the staff.
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