Author Topic: [DONE] Suggestion: Add Fame for OlyTokens @Olympiad Managers Multisell  (Read 75 times)

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I noticed that the old trade: 10 Oly-Tokens for 50 Fame-Points exchange at the Oly-Manager is gone.
Can we maybe get it back since Fame is needed for so much of the High-Level stuff.

Would be very nice to have at least a way to grind (and grinding is L2`s soul) for Fame instead of waiting for the TW every Saturday.


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Re: Suggestion: Add Fame for OlyTokens @Olympiad Managers Multisell
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I needed time to think about this and if I add this feature which ratio will be chosen.
From now on you can exchange your Olympiad Token for Fame. The ratio is 25:1. On one hand I checked how many olympiad tokens are around on all characters. On the other hand, becoming Hero isnt that hard. That is why I decided to use this ratio.
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