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[NPC] Luxury Teleporter
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:21:13 PM »
Luxury Teleporter

As the name implies it is a luxury teleporter. Many important and interesting teleports were added in order to travel conveniently from every time. The costs are apparent in every category when speaking to the NPC.
Necessary is to say that all current teleports are not affected by this. Thy are still available and ready to use for the same prices.

What is the new NPC capable of?

You can teleport only yourself as you know it. However, you now have the option to teleport your whole party or even your whole command channel as well! Therefore, all characters must be within the respective range to the party leader / command channel leader. Right now, I have set the range to 250.

Which teleports are available?

  • Towns (85'000 – 130’000 Adena)
  • Catacombs / Necropolises (400’000 Adena) *
  • Hunting Grounds Level 8 – 30 (100’000 Adena)
  • Hunting Grounds Level 31 – 50 (150’000 Adena)
  • Hunting Grounds Level 51 – 76 (300’000 Adena)
  • Hunting Grounds Level 77 – 85 (500’000 Adena)
  • Bossraids (5’000’000 Adena) *
  • PvP Zones (50’000 Adena)
  • Other Zones (20’000 Adena)

* The teleports never lead you INTO instances/dungeons but rather in front of them. That means that you still need to participate in the seven signs in order to enter the catacombs/necropolises. As for the bossraids you still need the quests.

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