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[ITEM] My teleport system
« on: December 23, 2015, 03:08:09 PM »
Hi players

Here is a short guide how to use your teleport skills.

1. What items do exist?

Teleport Spellbook

This item is used to learn the skill. For each spellbook you can save 3 teleport points. What i have tested is 12 teleport points the maximum which makes 4 spellbooks as a maximum

Teleport Flag

This flag will be consumed when saving a port location.

Teleport Scroll

This scroll will be consumed when teleporting to your saved port location. Works equal to a scroll of escape.

2. How to set your own teleport point

2.1 Walk to your location where you want to save your port

2.2 Open your teleport icon. Can be found in your actions

2.3 Type in the name of your port and how it should be shown on your teleport symbol (acronym)

2.4 Save and done!
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